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​​​​​​​Vitamin gold stretch amidst needle Mask": skin discharge toxins, repel yellowish, rich in nutrients into the skin, stretch unexpected gush from the muscle at the end

  • Vitamin C: to promote micro-circulation, speed up the discharge of melanin and reduce melanin deposition, potent inhibition of the formation of dark spots and freckles, effective Blemish, play the ultimate whitening effect, to create a shock of white skin Aqua
  • Placental Protein: the cell into the rich nutrients and moisture, extreme improve skin elasticity, shrink pores, tighten skin, moist muscle at the end, lighten wrinkles, keep skin plump and elastic slip, even more luster hydrogel
  • Gold (0.1ppm): help rid the skin of toxins, purify the skin, repel yellowish, stimulate the skin through the white radiance; while increasing the absorption of collagen and restore skin elasticity

Wellage Vitagold Injection Mask

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