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  • Vitamin age freeze amidst needle Mask": efficient anti-wrinkle, skin tight and full reply, the goddess of reproduction age freeze
  • Vitamin C: to promote micro-circulation, speed up the discharge of melanin and reduce melanin deposition, potent inhibition of the formation of dark spots and freckles, effective Blemish, play the ultimate whitening effect, to create a shock of white skin Aqua
  • peptides: a superior repair efficacy, smooth rough skin, smooth texture, skin taut, efficient anti-wrinkle, restore skin tight and full, smooth and compact
  • Adenosine: powerful regenerative force effectively enhance cell repair, and enhance skin elasticity, improve loose skin, smooth muscle build bombs Young

Wellage Vitared Injection Mask

HK$180.00 Regular Price
HK$162.00Sale Price
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